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Pristine Water Purification

Pristine Online Store is closed as of November 1, 2010

Pristine can be purchased online from Mountain Equipment Co-Op Go to Shop / Hiking / Camping / Water Purification or Water Bottles.

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PRISTINE® Personal Pack Water Treatment

Introducing Pristine Personal Pack Water Treatment, a perfect portable water purifying product for backpackers, travellers, or other personal uses in the outdoors.With the Personal Pack Water Treatment you can have clean, safe drinking water anywhere, anytime. Learn more about the Personal Pack Water Treatment.

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Personal Pack Water Treatment Purification Drops

PRISTINE® Camp / Cottage Water Treatment

Introducing Pristine Camp / Cottage Water Treatment; ideal for home, camping, RV,and boat holding tanks. Designed to treat larger volumes of water such as 5 gal.(20 Litre) bucket or a 55 gal.(200 litre) drum. Learn more about the Camp / Cottage Water Treatment.

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Personal Pack Water Treatment Purification Drops

Pristine Pioneer Pro Filter

Pump free design eliminates hoses, reduces size and weight.
  • Two stage filtration. Replaceable pre-filter removes larger particles in the first stage with the porous micro filter removing 99.9% of Guardia and Cryptosporidium in the second stage.
  • Can be used as a gravity flow "drip" system.
  • Connects easily to standard hydration systems.
  • If viruses or smaller bacteria's are suspected, use in conjunction with Pristine Water Treatment.
  • Filters up to 190 Litres of water.
  • Multi use applications with replacement primary filters included

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pro filter

Water Purification Treatment Systems

How do you know which water purification treatment or water filter system is right for your specific safe drinking water needs? Make the right choice by reviewing the different water purification treatments and filtration systems available before you buy! learn more [click here]


Water Purification Treatment Systems for Use in the Outdoors

Now you can havegreat-tasting, safe drinking water outdoors anywhere, anytime! Discover Pristine's Enviro-Friendly Portable Purification Water Treatment Systems such as PRISTINEĀ® Water Bottle and Microbiological Filter and the 'Personal Pack' water purifier package. Perfect for potable safe drinking water when backpacking, hiking, camping, etc. learn more [click here]

Travel Health & Potable Water Treatment

Pristine H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner

Protect Your Heath While Traveling with Safe Drinking Water.

Access to potable safe drinking water at all times is critical for everyone, especially for those who travel. Now you can have peace-of-mind with Pristine water purifier and water filter products designed for your foreign travel emergency drinking water needs in mind.
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Have You Cleaned Your Water Cooler Lately?
Introducing the New PRISTINEĀ® H2OKā„¢ Water Cooler Cleaner: 1 treatment good for 3 months to refresh and remove any odour and taste causing bacteria taking up residence in the home or office water cooler / water dispenser we trust. Includes Bonus "3-month reminder" calendar sticker.
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Pristine Aquarius Bulk Water Treatment System

PRISTINE ® Aquarius Bulk Water Treatment System is a complete bulk water treatment system designed for emergency water supply and third world scenarios. This uniquely simple, light, portable and effective water purification system is the perfect solution where access to safe drinking water does not exist. learn more [click here]