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H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner

PRISTINE® H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner

Have You Cleaned Your Water Cooler Lately?

Pristine® H2OK Water Cooler
Cleaner Package

Introducing the New PRISTINE® H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner:

  • 1 treatment good for 3 months to refresh and remove any odour and taste causing bacteria taking up residence in the home or office water cooler / water dispenser we trust.
  • Add H2OK to empty cooler, Wait 15 minutes, Drain and drink safe, fresh tasting, clean water.
  • Other uses; clean water filter, water bottles, water bags, carboys, camel packs.
  • Regular maintenance of your water dispenser and water bottles will ensure you of having pure, fresh tasting water!
    Read the PRISTINE® H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner Instructions Below!

Pristine H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner / Dispenser

 H2OK Cooler Cleaner



Bonus! PRISTINE® H2OK water cooler cleaner packaging includes an enclosed calendar sticker for 3 months from your cleaning date to remind you when to use H2OK.

"Regular Maintenance Of Water Cooler Dispensers and Water Bottles
Ensures Pure, Fresh Tasting Water Every time!"


PRISTINE® H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner Instructions For Eliminating Bacteria Build-Up In Your Water Dispenser:

  1. Remove empty water bottle.
  2. Drain water from all cooler taps.
  3. Remove waterguard or top of water cooler and baffle (if applicable).
  4. Pour the contents of the H2OK directly into the reservoir.
  5. Fill reservoir with potable water and wait 15 minutes.
  6. Drain reservoir from each cooler tap.
  7. Wipe out reservoir with clean paper towel.
  8. Repeat cleaning procedure if bio-film is still visible.
  9. Replace baffle, waterguard or top of water cooler.
  10. Place full water bottle on water dispenser.
  11. Drain two (2) cups of water from each faucet and discard.
  12. The water dispenser is now clean.

Clean water cooler every 3 months.

Handy Tip!

You can use H2OK Water Cooler Cleaner to clean odour causing bacteria from any water container including water bottles, water bags, carboys, camel packs, etc. simply add H2OK to the container, fill with tap water, and wait 15 minutes. Empty and flush with tap water, air dry. It's that easy!

Need to Descale?

To remove mineral scaling, use H2OK Water Cooler Descaler. To order, call us TOLL-FREE at 1-877-533-3901