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Advance Chemicals

Janitorial, general cleaning and sanitizing products; warewash & laundry; pool & spa chemical products, as well as other speciality industrial chemicals suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Learn more...

MSDS Sheets
Product Data Sheets


Advanced Microbiology for a safe, clean environment; Our microbial
culture products contain naturally occurring, non-genetically engineered micro-organisms. These cultures are non-pathogenic and exhibit minimal environmental toxicity. Learn more...

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Pristine® Water Purification
Treatment Systems

Pristine® is a new "state-of-the-art" water purification system that turns suspect water into purified drinking water in just 15 minutes. Pristine® makes lakes, streams, rivers and tap water safe for drinking. Learn more...


Blending & New Product Development

Advance Chemicals Ltd. provides blending services for a number of domestic and international
customers. Products range from Marine and Cruise Ship Cleaners, Water Treatment,
Warewash, Specialty Pulp and Paper Chemicals, Pull Lubricants, Heavy Duty Degreasers,
Portable Toilet Deodorants and Dust Suppressants. Learn more... Blending & Product Development